Discover the hidden gems of Magog and immerse yourself in its enchanting beauty. From scenic nature trails to charming cafes, there's something for everyone in this picturesque town.
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If you’ve even heard of the Kolbrin, you’re in a minority. It has been languishing quietly in print for just a couple of decades. The Kolbrin is a collection of eleven books, six Egyptian and five Celtic, first published in New Zealand in 1994 by the Hope Trust (now dissolved) […]

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Nestled in fiery colored flames, the bold, uppercase words on the highway's billboard, "TURN BEFORE YOU BURN," caught my attention. I understood the intent—to provoke an intense sense of urgency to accept Christ or spend eternity in hell.Although the message was sincere, the approach didn't sit well with me. Shouldn't God's love, not His judgment, cause sinners to repent and believe? What about grace and mercy? Hadn't most modern evangelicals decided that the "fire and brimstone" approach…