Lupine flowers

Enhance your garden with the vibrant colors of lupine flowers. Explore top lupine varieties and create a stunning display in your outdoor space.
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Lupines are herbaceous perennials that grow wild, in large drifts of purple and pink spiked flowers. These colorful flowers look beautiful when grown en masse, and can be added to the flower garden to give a cottage garden look. Learn how to grow lupines so that you can bring that beautiful look of wild lupines into your garden.

Bonita Mizejewski
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Best Lupine Companion Plants: Growing Tips Included! Learn what you can plant next to lupines and what you should avoid planting near lupines. Get ideas about which flowers grow well with lupine, which fruit grows well with lupine, which herbs grow well with lupine, which vegetables grow well with lupine, and tips about planting lupine. Free lupine companion planting chart included. Add lupines to your garden plan!

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