Low calorie chicken pasta

Discover healthy and flavorful chicken pasta recipes that are low in calories. Try these mouthwatering dishes to satisfy your cravings without compromising on your diet goals.
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These 15 Low Calorie Pasta Sauces are all 100% all-natural and so easy to make!From my famous low calorie marinara sauce, to a butternut sauce (in photo), and even my 24 calorie pesto sauce!Special Tip: Some of these sauces include the pasta in the calorie count! I have noted those above.

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So you're in the mood for super creamy, cheesy pasta but don't want to go over your calorie limit, what do you do? Make this low calorie creamy pasta! This pasta is inspired by the 'GiGi Hadid' pasta and is the perfect comfort food for weight loss. It is creamy, it is cheesy and it is so easy to make! And did I mention, it it just 370 calories for the entire dish?!

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This low calorie chicken parmesan pasta with rigatoni is just 290 calories for about 1 1/4 cup!Best of all, this rigatoni chicken parmesan pasta skillet can be made in just 25 minutes... start to finish!Try this healthy recipe for chicken parmesan rigatoni pasta tonight with a crisp salad.

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This healthy cajun pasta recipe can be made with chicken, shrimp, or sausage (or a combination!)Plus, I cut 100's of calories from the traditional recipe, so you can enjoy this yummy spicy pasta dish for just 373 calories!Special Tip: You can use any pasta you like, I find that penne is popular and inexpensive, but choose your favorite.

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