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Engage your students with fun and educational activities to help them master the long A sound. Discover effective teaching strategies and resources to make learning enjoyable and effective.
Here is a resource for teaching the spelling patterns for long vowel sounds. It includes a list for the long vowel sounds of a, e, i, o and u. A Sound Words Worksheet, A Sound Words, Long A Sound Words, Sound Words Worksheet, Long A Sound, Phonics Chart, Words Worksheet, Long Vowel Words, Long Vowel Sounds

Teaching Long Vowel Spelling Patterns - Make Take & Teach

Long vowel sound spelling patterns are quite difficult for students to learn. First they must understand that more than one letter can be used to represent one sound and then learn the various ways that the sound can be represented in print. For example, there are 4 common ways the sound /a/ can be spelled: […]

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Long i Vowel Pattern (FREE Printable Pack) Long I Vowel Activities, Long I Activity, Long Vowel I Activities, Long Vowel Worksheets, Vowel Activities, Vowel Worksheets, Pattern Worksheet, Spelling Games, Long Vowel

Long i Vowel Pattern (FREE Printable Pack)

Because ALuv (end of Kindergarten) did so well with the Long a Vowel Pack I made him, I created a Long i Vowel Pack to introduce the i_e pattern. The activities are all similar to the Long a pack; just with the Long i (I_E) pattern instead. I’ve also added a few games to the end! Woo hoo! ... Read More about Long i Vowel Pattern (FREE Printable Pack)

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Poster with words and images showing words with a_e, long vowel a sound made by adding the magic e at the end. A-e Words, A_e Words Long Vowels, A_e Words, Magic E Words Worksheet, Long Vowel A Worksheets, Long A Phonics, Magic E Worksheet, Phonetics For Kids, Phonics Blends Worksheets

Magic e words (long vowel a) by Teacher Lindsey

Download your FREE posters from the Teacher Lindsey website and help your learners identify the long vowel a sound when 'magic e' is added! Discover hundreds of interactive and printable resources to help your students develop their phonics skills. Our resources aim to help learners build their confidence using English. #phonics #vocabulary #longvowela #phoneme #vowelsound #magice #bossye #silente #learnenglish #teacherlindsey #englishresources #englishmaterials #freeposter

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