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Discover practical tips and strategies for living a healthy and fulfilling life while managing HIV. Take control of your health and find support in your journey towards well-being.
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Hers is another of those faces I can't forget. A woman, in her late 20s, somewhat educated, an HIV/AIDS patient. A disease she contracted because of her husband's promiscuity. He died of the illness. She was thrown out of her marital home and disinherited by her inlaws. Left to make her own way with her little girl. The child, also a victim of the disease, contracted at birth. But did this woman give up? No. She found help. She made sure that she and her daughter got their medication. How…

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Our hearts go out to Charlie Sheen, who on the Today show this morning announced that he is HIV positive. Though he is the most recent celebrity to share an HIV diagnosis with the public, he is certainly not the only celebrity who has. Out of the 1.2 million Americans affected by the virus, at least 10 of them are also living in the Hollywood spotlight. Magic Johnson, basketball player Diagnosed in 1991: "I enjoy being the messenger for God in terms of letting people know about HIV and…

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