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[COMPLETED] "You've got to go." "Excuse me?" "You're a threat. I want to make one thing clear, and that's that I care about nothing more than this tournament." His voice falls to threatening whispers as I become pierced by his daunting glare... "And that I'm not afraid to hurt or get rid of ANYONE who gets in my way." 「 In which a dojo of 10 trainees compete for the biggest martial arts tournament in China to win a $500,000 cash prize. 」 (Only read if you want a deep, thought out story. No…


Y/N was just an ordinary unlucky boy. He has lived in Bellwood for years being about 3 years older than Ben. They grew up together often having a brotherly relationship. However he finds himself struggling more than ever. After a small period of dating Gwen she ended things leaving Y/N alone with his tendency for misfortune. But after his tournament with Ben, the latter asked him to join in visiting his grandfather. This marks the start of a very unusual adventure.

Abraham Eduardo Perez Carrillo