Liturgical colours

Discover the rich symbolism behind liturgical colours and how they enhance the worship experience. Explore different colours and their meanings to deepen your understanding of religious traditions.
Christmas to Candlemas: When is the Real End of the Christmas Season? | Catholic Culture Catholic Liturgical Calendar, United Methodist, Liturgical Seasons, Catechism, Catholic Education, Liturgy, Liturgical Colours, Methodist, Calendar Program

This post was originally published in January 2014. It is revised and now includes the 1962 Calendar dates for Christmas. This post contains tables which may not be easily displayed on mobile devices. The Christmas season ended on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Or did it? It seems inevitable every Christmas that there will be polite disagreement among Catholics as to when the Christmas season officially ends. Usually the discussion revolves around when to take down the Christmas

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Liturgical Wheel – VISIO LECTIO

The Church Year (Colour) DownloadVersion 2 (‘The Reign of Christ’ replaces ‘Christ the King’) DownloadSuitable for up to 18×18 inch printing The Church Year (Colouring …

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