Discover stunning Lily flower arrangements and bouquets to brighten up your home or special occasion. Find inspiration for creating a vibrant and elegant floral display with Lilies.
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Did you go out and buy an Easter Lily this year? Or maybe you received one as a gift for Easter and wondering what to do with it once the holiday is over. You'll be happy to know that the Easter Lily is a perennial that can be planted outside once the ground can be worked in the spring.Easter Lily care while it is in your home:At home, keep your lily away from cold drafts or drying heat sources such as heating ducts. Bright, indirect light is best with daytime temperatures of 65° to 75° F…

Large-Flowered Lily 'Navona' Lily 'Navona' is a fabulous plant for Bulb Flowers, Large Flowers, White Flowers, White Lily Flower, Lilies Flowers, White Tiger Lily, Lilly Flower, Lily White, Most Beautiful Flowers

Large-Flowered Lily 'Navona' Lily 'Navona' is a fabulous plant for the garden and for cutting. They are very effective planted between perennials, trees and bushes. After flowering, they can be left in the ground to flower again the next year. Also suitable for pots and planters.