Lie to me

Explore the fascinating world of 'Lie to Me' and learn about the science of deception. Find out how to read microexpressions and detect lies like the experts. Join us on this thrilling journey of deception and truth.
Research by Dr. Paul Eckman tells us that there are 6 basic facial expressions that even blind people make the same faces to express the same emotions. These are: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, sadness and joy. While the facial expression of joy and sadness are distinct, fear and surprise share the wide open eyes. Similarly, anger and disgust share the wrinkled nose. Psychology Facts, Coaching, Body Language, Anger, How To Read People, Different Emotions, Facial Expressions, Face Reading, Reading Body Language

We interact with many individuals daily and most of our interactions have an exchange of emotional expressions which we try to decipher. We too have experienced many, many emotions throughout our lives, yet only a few of us are experts in depicting and differentiating them. However, as with most things, we can learn to be better at emotions. But where to begin? Emotions are so complicated and confusing as there is a whole kaleidoscope of textures and nuances of what we can feel. Although…

Michelle Ridlen