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Discover the fascinating world of ley lines and their connection to Earth's energy grid. Explore top ideas for understanding and harnessing the power of these mystical pathways.
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Ley Lines Are Said To Connect The World (And Possibly The Universe) Alfred Watkins is an amateur archeologist who came up with the idea of the spiritual ley lines map in 1921. Riding his horse on the English countryside one day, he had what he referred to as a “flood of ancestral memory”. While looking […]

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In last month's Sacred Space Sharing, we were discussing the pyramids and how they will be aligned directly upon a ley line to feed energy into the earth's grid. I had spoken about a brilliant resource I had found in which an application has been created to apply this program to Google Earth in the app and see where the entire grid resides. It includes color coding to show what element each ley line represents. Please enjoy this wonderful resource…

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heo0b8eP4r0&feature=user Google Earth leys - Peter Champoux http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiIyHJkv6zY&feature=related Global Geometries of Place http://www.geometryofplace.com/global.html Additional related Gaiagraphic studies by Peter Champoux are available. The following are just three of more than fifty in the Gaiagraphic series completed to date. peter.champoux@gmail.com North America PDF 650KB This study is among the most detailed of the series. Evolving…

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Ancient Ley Lines, Earth Chakras and Vorticies understanding the Ancient Power structure-And the Giant Ancestors All of the ancient world and most of the Founding fathers when they came to America used long forgotten technology and knowledge passed down to the Protection groups over the years "Freemasons,Illuminati and most occult and Religions" use whats called Sacred geometry for building and building upon in locations for Higher Purposes.These geometric grid patterns lay all over the…

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