Lemon seeds

Learn how to grow your own citrus garden by planting lemon seeds. Discover creative ideas to make the most of your lemon seeds and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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Growing lemon trees from seed is simple, and they thrive with minimal care indoors (or outside in warm locations). Lemons are a great way to add flavor and bright acidity to home-cooked meals. Beyond our

Sheri Smith
Jam Maker's Tip: Save Lemon Seeds for Homemade Pectin Recetas

I rarely use commercial pectin in my jams, relying instead on the natural pectin of the fruit (plus I like a looser set). But there are times when a little boost is helpful if I’m preserving low-pectin fruits, making a larger batch, or wanting to reduce cooking time. That’s when I reach for my perpetual stash of lemon seeds. Lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in pectin, which thickens jams.

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