Legoland denmark

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Legoland Denmark and experience a world of fun, adventure, and creativity. Discover the top attractions, rides, and activities that will bring out the child in you.
Our family went to Legoland~Denmark many years ago........would be so delightful to take our 3 yr old grandson, he would lOVE it! Aarhus, Trips, Copenhagen, Legoland, Legoland Germany, Legoland Denmark, Denmark Legoland, Billund, Europe

A few days ago, we took R&S to the true home of the small colourful plastic bricks that have been blessed by parents for keeping children occupied for years (and equally cursed by the parents who have had the misfortune of treading on them with bare feet)! Lego is after all a Danish invention, created by a wooden toy designer in the 40's and and named after a shortening of the words words “lege” meaning “play” and “godt”, meaning “good” or "well" in Danish, so of course (and partially thanks…

Amber Larsen