Leather top hat

Elevate your style with a leather top hat that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Discover top ideas to complete your outfit and stand out from the crowd with this timeless accessory.
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Description Made for a friend of mine for his Halloween haunt costume this year. Pretty Bad ass if I do say so myself He wanted something old looking, with a spiderweb pattern. Something Rob Zombie or Al Jourgensen would wear. He liked my Mini leather top-hat shape, which was inspired by something I think would be in a Burton film, so I made a full sized version and we went from there. Making full sized hats is completely new to me, and presented a whole manor of new challenges. A learning…

Rebecca Morrow
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All hand-stitched with waxed linen threads, 4 stitches per inch. Stain colors available include saddle tan, natural antique, mahogany (also dark brown & black - not shown). Made from oak tanned cowhide, 7-8 oz thickness. Inside there is a leather front sweatband and a satin-covered auto upholstery foam (scrim) which is removable for a very tight fit that lowers the hat onto your forehead, making it is nearly impossible for the wind to blow it off. The images shown are purely for example - I…

Tâm Trần Công
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How to Make a Leather Top Hat: I've wanted a leather top hat ever since I saw them at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. The one I saw that inspired me to make one myself wasn't quite a typical top hat. Rather than getting larger at the top like a Mad Hatter top hat or just going …

Thomas Patterson