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Discover fun and interactive LDS Primary lessons to teach children important principles and values. Create a meaningful and memorable learning experience for your little ones.
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Get a year of Come Follow Me 2023 New Testament lesson ideas and activities for families and primaries. Click each topic link to go to a list of resources and lesson ideas for that Come Follow Me topic. #ldsprimaryprintables #comefollowme #comefollowmenewtestament #newtestament #comefollowme2023 #ldsprimary

Lori Miller
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Article of Faith LDS Free prints, coloring pages, puzzles, numbers, come follow me 2021, free LDS primary lesson helpsInvite SharingToss a ball to a child, and ask the child to share something he or she believes about Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father. Repeat until each child has had an opportunity to share.Teach the Doctrine: Younger ChildrenThe Articles of FaithI believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.You can use the Articles of Faith to review with the children some of the basic beliefs of…

Taylor Bluth
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I needed an idea for after program singing time, but I wanted to give the kids a break from the same old songs/learning a new song. I saw the mustache on a plate idea somewhere(the song was hidden under the mustache) but I wanted to change things up a bit. Cue TRIVIA GAME!! I titled the game "I Mustache You A Question". I put together a bunch of questions about primary songs (I have the document of questions I used. I'll add them at the end). A few children at a time came forward (I did 3…

Cassondra Hazard
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Come Follow Me- for Primary page 37 “2 Nephi 13, Jesus taught me how to return to Heavenly Father. Nephi taught that following the Savior’s example and teachings is the only way to ”be saved in the kingdom of God”Here is a fun idea for teaching Jesus Baptism and following his example:FrontBackHere is what it looks like on the bottomI used a plastic butter knife because it is what I had, but a tongue depressor or popsicle stick would work great too. Print HereBlack and WhiteOmgoodness! Look…

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