Larp armor

Get ready for your next LARP adventure with the perfect armor. Discover top armor ideas that will enhance your character and provide optimal protection on the battlefield.
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📜 COSTUME INCLUDES: ✔️ Molded breastplate of leather (crs0024) ✔️ Pauldrons with chainmail (shl0012) ✔️ Corset (wide belt) with chainmail (crs0057) ✔️ Belt (blt0005) - €170 ✔️ Gloves (glv0006) - €278 👉 Full costume – €2854 👉 (all parts can be ordered separately, just message us). 💰 PAYMENT PLAN: You can choose one of two payment options in parts: 50%+50% or 33%+33%+33% (select appropriate item in options of listing). You need to pay the first payment to start the manufacturing process…


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