Ladybug girl

Dress up your little one as a cute Ladybug Girl with these adorable costume ideas. Get inspired and create the perfect outfit for your child's next costume party or Halloween.
from "the Ladybug Girl" set of books about a girl named Lulu who loved ladybugs so much she dressed like one

I just finished reading a cute set of books called The Ladybug Girl, written by David Soman and Jacky Davis. I read both Bug Squad and At the Beach. The Ladybug Girl books features a young girl name Lulu who is obsessed with lady bugs. So much so she dresses up as one, even going to the beach (complete with wings!). I personally love Ladybugs too. I think they are adorable. Once a year we find dozens of them around our condo. I am not sure why. The same thing happened at my sister's old…

Kid Made Ladybug Girl Wings Collage

Anyone else have Ladybug Girl fans at home? I have two – and I love encouraging it because she makes a great pint-sized heroine for little girls to love. Ladybug Girl is adventurous, creative, imaginative and independent, all things I want to inspire in my daughters. And after my mom…

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