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Enhance your kitchen with a stylish and functional kitchen hood. Discover top designs that add a touch of elegance and improve air quality in your modern kitchen.
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everyone covets the perfect tile installation—particularly of clé zellige in weathered white—but it’s not for the faint of heart. it takes a willingness to put in the work and time and attention—not just by the installer but by both the homeowner and designer. here’s how Amy Tausk of Swoon Interiors did it...

Sarah Gabany
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Sharing how to make a completely removeable, super slim, range hood cover! This is the perfect solution if you have limited space between your hood and cabinets, don’t want to demo your kitchen, or are renting your home! AND THE BEST PART IS IT ONLY COST ABOUT $40 TO MAKE!!!!! Budget friendly, high

Denene Crandall

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