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Make learning English exciting for kindergarten kids with these fun and engaging activities. Help your little ones develop their language skills while having a great time.
Trace and Match - Kindergarten English Worksheets

English is fun with our Kindergarten English Worksheets. Learn simple English concepts, practice beginning sounds, spelling, punctuation, word recognition and picture matching. Help them gain confidence and do better scholastically. Print all of our worksheets. We also have more kindergarten worksheets, including phonics and math. Kindergarten English Worksheets

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5 Fun Activities for Teaching Adjectives in the Primary Grades - Learning at the Primary Pond Pre K, Reading, Teaching Adjectives, Kindergarten Adjectives, Adjectives Activities, Primary Grammar, Grammar Activities, Kindergarten Grammar, Grammar Lessons

Need some fun ideas for teaching adjectives to your Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade students? Keep reading for some engaging activities! Activity #1: Have students use adjectives to describe a real object. When I first begin teaching about adjectives, I like to point out that kids already know a lot of describing words! I have them practice describing an interesting object (preferably, something related to a science or social studies unit). Sometimes I give them a checklist for help (like…

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