Kids wooden playhouse

Create a world of fun and imagination for your kids with these top wooden playhouse ideas. Encourage outdoor play and spark creativity with a playhouse that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

As any parent knows, getting kids to play outside can be challenging, encouraging your kids to spend time outdoors, playing in a cubby house, swing set, sandpits and bouncy castles. Moreover, playing outside in a cubby house, can boost their imagination and creativity. So next time your kids ask to stay inside and play video games, suggest they go outside and play in their Cubby House instead!

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There are so many DIY playhouses shared online, but not all of them come with a plan or tutorial. So today we are sharing some of the best playhouses we found, all with accompanying plans! Whether you want a simple playhouse, a GRAND playhouse, a tree house, or maybe you're looking for a toddler playhouse or a tiny playhouse for small spaces, we've included a sample of just about everything you can imagine.

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Playhouse Plans with Pergola, Wooden Garden house for kids, Step by Step plans, Do it Yourself with the Digital Downloading Files 15’-2’’ x 8’-3’’ (without slide) Deck h: 4‘ h:11’-2’’ How about making a playhouse for your children with wood or natural materials? These instructions were created for you to build an easy and affordable playhouse. WARNING! While your children are having fun, you may not be able to resist and you may want to be involved in their games. The content of the…

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