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Keep your kids engaged and organized with these fun calendar ideas. Discover creative ways to help your kids stay on top of their schedules and develop good time management skills.
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Look no further for your preschool must have, or your homeschool supplies! This daily calendar is a perfect learning resources for your child or classroom to learn the day of the week, month, year and weather pattern with a play based feature added too! Daily Magnetic Learning Calendar: A Child’s First Educational Learning Calendar features emotional and mood regulation, learning letters and numbers, seasonal patterns, matching, how to dress for the weather, and more! This calendar is…

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Have you ever thought to make your own DIY kids calendar for your toddler? I felt I should make one as he was repeatedly asking what day was yeasterday? and what days is tomorrow? And, I felt a calendar would help him understand the whole concept of months, days and dates. Here I am sharing the whole process of how I made my own so that you can get inspired and make your own. Materials Used: Project display board Cardstock - 4 colors Black and red markers Laminator or self-laminating sheets…

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Kids love to ask questions. Maybe you’ve barely poured your cup of coffee in the morning before getting peppered with questions like this: What day is it? What month is it? What’s it going to be like outside today? It’s adorable most days, and other days, well, it can be a bit much. I’ve started […]

Christina Cho
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Learn Today's Date, Days of the Week, Month, Season & Weather. Kids learn to read the words while putting them into the correct boxes to make "My Calendar" for Today. Changing the details everyday to practice. Reusable for any year. Suitable for Classroom, Homeschool, Preschool, Kindergarten, etc. Every magnet has its own place to stay, easily to keep the calendar neat. High Quality Rigid Cardboard with soft metal inside makes the calendar handy - Not as clumsy as the wood ones. Teaching…