Keystone species

Learn about the crucial role of keystone species in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. Explore how these species shape their habitats and influence the survival of other organisms.
Infographic: Wolves Keep Yellowstone in the Balance | Earthjustice -- Great for a lesson on food webs! Teaching Biology, Middle School Science, Wolves Yellowstone, Yellowstone Wolves, Ap Environmental Science, Keystone Species, Secondary Science, Food Web, Environmental Education

In the 1920s, government policy allowed the extermination of Yellowstone’s gray wolf—the apex predator—triggering an ecosystem collapse known as trophic cascade. In 1995—through use of the Endangered Species Act—the conservation community reintroduced the gray wolf to restore balance. The impact was dramatic.

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Beavers: Building Nature’s Neighborhoods - The Greenway Foundation Montessori, Endangered Species, Nature, Ponds, River Flow, Aquatic Insects, Cutthroat Trout, Keystone Species, Beaver Dam

Beavers (like SPREE’s mascot, Chompers!) are cute, funky looking creatures that have inspired human curiosity for centuries, but did you know that they play an essential role in our river ecosystems? By blocking river flow, a beaver’s dam can create ponds or deeper channels of water. Many fish, like Colorado’s Greenback Cutthroat Trout, thrive in

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