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Femboy is a self-identifier for a man or boy expressing himself in a fashion perceived to be feminine or otherwise “soft”. The key defining feature is contrasting gender signifiers. Femboy aesthetics display an interplay between clothes and behaviors that are culturally considered to be feminine, a masculine gender identity, and masculine and youthful physical features. A lot of this aesthetic looks similar to the Babygirl and sometimes Neko aesthetics, except for boys. The slang "femboy"…

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Izuku Midoriya More Commonly know As Deku isn't As Innocent as he seems He loves Music,Ballet,volleyball,and Art He Grew Up in A Abusive household his Father Doing most of the damage like Raping burning blaming and Constantly Hitting Him his Mother only Hitting him MHA CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE ORIGINAL ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤSTORYLINE

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