Kate middleton pregnant

Get the latest updates on Kate Middleton's pregnancy and stay tuned to find out all the details about the newest addition to the royal family. Follow along for exclusive insights and news about this exciting journey.
Photos: See Pregnant Kate Middleton's Baby Bump | Glamour Amigurumi Patterns, Fashion, Kate Middleton, Outfits, Duchess Kate, Moda, Vestidos, Pregnant Princess, Stylish Maternity

Celebrity baby news is always exciting, but few things have made us squeal louder than when Prince William and Kate Middleton (or, if you want to be fancy about it, the Duchess of Cambridge) announced their pregnancy. We were so amped that we even used ALL CAPS in our write-up. Now that the royal baby is here, let's take a look back at Kate's baby bump as it grew.

Amelia Scasso Belloso