Just say hello

Learn how to make a lasting impression with a simple greeting. Discover unique ways to say hello and connect with others in any situation.
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Ways to say what’s up There are many ways to say what’s up, and the best way to find out is just to ask! Here are some of our favorites: “What’s up?” “How’re you doing?” “What’s new?” “I’m good.” “All good here. Wazzup! What are you Up to? What’s going on nowadays? Sup? Yo! What’s […]

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Beautiful, happy & colourful lettering & illustration • »Just wanted to say hello« by Samantha Lewis on Print & Pattern • Studio Ink Sayings, Inspirational Quotes, Humour, Friendship Quotes, Just Saying Hi, Thinking Of You Quotes, Be Yourself Quotes, Tuesday Quotes, Hug Quotes

And I couldn't talk about Studio Ink without mentioning another couple of artists - Samantha Lewis and Mirna Stubbs. The first designs are by Samantha Lewis who has created a beautiful range of watercolour cards... And arriving at Studio Ink recently is an intricately painted range from artist Mirna Stubbs who we mentioned in the last post....

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