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John, who was in financial difficulty, walked into a church and started to pray.   "Listen God," John said. ''I know I haven't been perfect but I really need to win the lottery.  I don't have a Humour, Senior Jokes, Church Jokes, Jokes Photos, Win The Lottery, Senior Humor, Period Humor, Workplace Humor, Jokes Videos

“Listen God,” John said. ”I know I haven’t been perfect but I really need to win the lottery. I don’t have a lot of money. Please help me out.” He left the church, a week went by, and he hadn’t won the lottery, so he walked into a synagogue. ”Come on, God,” he said. ”I really need this...

Pat Blinn
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Why was the horse named Mayo? Because Mayo neighs! What do you get when you combine an animal joke with a food joke? You get this hilarious horse dad joke you can tell your kids. #funnydrawing #funnyquote #jokeoftheday #dadjoke #pun #animaljokes #foodjokes #digitalart #lol #jokesforkids #artforkids #cutehorse #mayo

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