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Explore the unforgettable performances of Johnny Depp in these iconic roles. Discover the diverse characters brought to life by this talented actor and get inspired by his incredible range.
I'd love to have Willy Wonka's hat. It's a smashing topper, I dare say! Cosplay, Captain Jack, Halloween Costumes, Tim Burton, Willy Wonka Costume, Hatter, Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter, Halloween Outfits

Willy Wonka is an eccentric entrepreneur, owner a large candy manifesting company. He is the deuteragonist of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wonka was born the son of the dentist Wilbur Wonka. His father was overprotective and never allowed him to have any candy, even during Halloween, when he would throw it in the fireplace. This caused Willy, after tasting his first piece of chocolate, to grow obsessed and want to become a chocolatier. His father found out, demanded him not to be a…

April James