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Discover the iconic John Lennon Signature Collection and immerse yourself in the timeless music and style of this legendary artist. Find the perfect piece to showcase your love for John Lennon's legacy.
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Well, our copy of the new John Lennon “Signature Box” has finally arrived safely in the post, thanks to Amazon, all the way from America. You’ll no doubt see lots and lots of smal…

Evette van Zyl
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Roll up! Roll up! For my magical Beatlemania book! The book where I share my favorite photos, GIFs, Videos, Songs, etc. of the Fab Four and beyond. I know there's quite a few of these books currently, but I've always wanted to have my own version, so here it is! I hope you enjoy! Oh, and for clarification, I was 14 when I started this book, so now that I'm 17 the first half of this book is highly cringey to me. (Not that my recent updates aren't cringey, too, haha!) Anyway, I just wanted to…

Laurra Lee