Jelly slime

Get your hands on these fun and easy jelly slime recipes that kids will love. Create hours of entertainment and sensory play with our top ideas for making jelly slime at home.

Soft and smooth texture while being stretchy, butter slime is the perfect kids craft. This homemade butter slime is one of my kids favorite slimes to make. As self proclaimed slime experts, my kids say that this smooth stretchy slime is the best type of slime to make and play with.

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Charming Red Jelly slime,Scented Jelly Cube Slime(12oz) Glimmer slime,squeeze it,twist it,smash it ,It can be used to relieve stress and relieve anxiety, super soft and stretchy Interesting DIY slime, which becomes a great gift for girl and boys. Easy to clean, but do not eat, it is recommended for children over 6 years old Easy to store, please put it back if not in use.

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