Jay gatsby

Explore the enigmatic life of Jay Gatsby, the iconic character from F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. Discover the secrets, ambitions, and tragic fate of this captivating figure.
While I like Jay Gatsby's style in The Great Gatsby, his color scheme would not look good with my dark hair and pale skin It's better I stick with a high-contrast color palette Leonardo Dicaprio, Vintage, Capri, York, Leo, Gatsby, Leonardo Dicapro, Leonardo Dicaprio Great Gatsby, Leonardo

Vitals Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, eagerly romantic millionaire and bootlegger Long Island, New York, Summer 1922 Film: The Great Gatsby Release Date: May 10, 2013 Director: Baz Luhrmann Costume Designer: Catherine Martin Background Today in 1920, Prohibition went into effect, kicking off a decade-long party known to many as the “roaring twenties” and most famously coined “the Jazz Age” […]

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