Japanese dorayaki

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Japanese Dorayaki recipes and discover tips to make perfect fluffy pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste. Try these delectable treats and experience the authentic flavors of Japan.
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Around this time of the year, when cherry blossoms fall, I think of the movie Sweet Beans. A middle aged man named Sentaro runs a small dorayaki store in front of a school in Tokyo. Dorayaki, made with two pancakes filled with red bean paste, is a delicate snack that requires lots of time and attention. But he was an indifferent man who made dorayaki with factory-made red bean paste and never smiled at his customers. via Tumblr When the cherry blossoms bloomed in front of his store one day…

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Japanese pancakes stuffed with sweet bean paste filling will quickly become your favorite. These snack-size pancakes are fun to make and will surely please the crowd. All the tips you need to be able to get that soft, fluffy, smooth and perfect dorayaki pancakes with even browning. You can also use your sourdough discard option to make dorayaki.

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