Japanese clothing

Explore the world of stylish and traditional Japanese clothing. Discover top ideas for incorporating Japanese fashion into your wardrobe and embrace the elegance of this timeless style.
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Hand Wash Only Hakama are a type of traditional Japanese clothing resembling a wide, pleated skirt. Material: Cotton 100%. It's made from cotton fabric. [Size] S, M, L, LL S size:(TOPS) Length 95cm (37.40in) Sleeve length 49cm (19.29in)Sleeve 67cm(26.37in) Andon hakama under front string: 80cm(31.49in) Adaptation height about :Male 155cm - 160cm (5.08ft - 5.24ft) Female 145cm-155cm(4.75ft-5.08ft) M size: (TOPS) Length 100cm (39.37in) Sleeve length 49cm (19.29in)Sleeve 69cm(27.16in) Andon…

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