Isamu noguchi

Explore the captivating artistry of Isamu Noguchi, a renowned sculptor and designer. Immerse yourself in the elegance and innovation of Noguchi's creations and be inspired by his unique vision.
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After a long week it’s great to finish on such an icon as Isamu Noguchi. He really is an amazing talent and I was lucky enough to talk to The Noguchi Museum who gave me access to some imagery of Noguchi at work. This felt like an interesting and inspiring subject to talk about since Isamu is a man of many talents, he was mainly known for his sculpture and public works but he also dabbled in architecture, set design, ceramic …

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Cherry, apple blossoms and dogwood will soon be making their appearance, so Spring is a fine time to practice ikebana, the minimalist art of flower arranging that originated in Japan. As with wabi-sabi, although it looks simple, it has complex philosophical, even spiritual underpinnings. Ikebana' is from the Japanese ikeru (生ける?, 'to place, to arrange, life, birth') and hana (花?, 'flower'... It is a time to appreciate things in nature that people often overlook because of their busy lives…

Stevin Dixson