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Transform into a superhero with the ultimate Iron Man armor. Explore the top ideas to find the perfect suit that will make you feel invincible.
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After beating Thanos once and for all you decided to leave the avengers since beating one universal villain was enough for you so you decided to chill in kuoh academy thinking you can now live a normal life ... that is what you thought until the supernatural decided to get invited to your life ... again

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Iron Man Armor Model 70

This suit possesses the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength, increased durability and repulsor blasts.[1] It is equipped with computer systems that include communications, environmental scanners, navigation and compass systems, medical diagnosis, biosignature tracking,[13] molecular analysis,[14] facial recognition software and radio jamming.[9] These are operated by a low-level A.I. named B.O.S.S.,[1] which is protected by an AES-256…

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Mark XLIV - Hulkbuster

The Mark XLIV (Mark 44), also known as Hulkbuster is an Extra Heavy-Duty Modular Armor[1] created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as a security safeguard in the event of an uncontrollable Hulk rampage. The armor works by attaching itself to the base armor of the Mark XLIII. The armor was featured in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, wherein it was used through Veronica's activation to subdue a rampaging Hulk in South Africa.[2] Its design was completely based on the Hulkbuster Armor from the comic…

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Iron Man Armor Model 72

The Model 72 is poised to be one of Iron Man's strongest suits, since it's built using mysterium, a hyper-conductive "miracle metal" that is more durable than adamantium and imprevious to magic. This suit possess the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength to easily crush adamantium[4], and repulsor blasts.[4] It also includes a pair of pop-out guns concealed in its wrists.[6] 10 appearance(s) of Iron Man Armor Model 72 4 mention(s) of Iron Man…

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