Iron jewelry

Explore a collection of unique and stylish iron jewelry pieces. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with these stunning accessories.
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Iron Bracelet 11th Anniversary Gift Steel Twist Bracelet - Etsy

Hand forged iron twist bracelet. Dramatic and sure to be noticed...each bracelet is handmade by me in a coal forge, shaped on the anvil, brushed, and finished with wax to prevent rusting and add shine.....a one of a kind piece of Art. Every bracelet is unique and has its own twist pattern and characteristics. A great gift for 6th and 11th wedding anniversaries! Small has an inside circumference of 6.5" Medium has an inside circumference of 7". Large has an inside circumference of 8". I am…

Metais de embalagens ou pequenas peças integrantes de outros objetos também podem ser reusados como jóias e/ou bijoux. Quiet Christmas, Hammer Texture Ring, Forged Jewelry, Kule Ting, 11th Anniversary Gifts, Hantverk Diy, 6th Anniversary Gifts, Iron Jewelry, Blacksmith Projects

A quiet Christmas

I know its been a long time since I've done a blog update and I need to get back into the habit again. After a very busy November it seems to have quietened down this month but I can talk about some of the pieces I've been working on some of these haven't even made it on to the Facebook page yet. So here's your early bird special. These ones you should recognize as they are on the facebook page and I believe that one of them is on the website too. But to those of you who only read my blog…

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