Interventional radiology

Explore the cutting-edge techniques used in interventional radiology to perform minimally invasive medical procedures. Discover how interventional radiology can provide effective treatments with less risk and faster recovery times.

Disruption of the thoracic duct can have devastating consequences and be associated with a high morbidity and mortality. Conservative therapies have been attempted to treat chylothorax without much success. Surgical management has traditionally been necessary to provide definitive treatment at the expense of increased morbidity. Lymphatic interventions have recently emerged as a new frontier for interventional radiologists to add value and provide minimally invasive therapies for…

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A deep dive into the “toughest type of coding. While you may have dedicated CPT® coders for interventional cardiology (IC) and vascular interventional radiology (VIR) for outpatient coding, you may not have considered the importance of doing the same for inpatient ICD-10-PCS coding. These intricate procedures are extremely difficult to understand and visualize. I often […]

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The x-ray interactions are Photoelectric, Compton and Coherent. Photoelectric is mainly responsible for image contrast, Compton contributes to artifacts in

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