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Explore a collection of interactive project ideas that will spark your creativity and keep you engaged. Find inspiration for your next project and bring your ideas to life with these interactive suggestions.
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Hi Teachers! If you’ve been following my blog, you may have seen recent posts about this new resource line, Interactive VocAppulary™! This resource is essentially an interactive vocabulary activity where students design apps for each vocabulary word for their themed Smartphone! What is unique about Interactive VocAPPulary™ is that it combines the use of

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Hi everyone! Today, I am sharing the template types and some inspiring ideas. The first template type is the accordion. The accordion is a template that folds up like an accordion. It’s unique shape can be used for lots of purposes including connecting ideas and things that go in chronological order. Find out more ideas … The Interactive Notebook Template Types Read More »

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All teachers have their favorite go-to methods for teaching vocabulary words to their students. It may be the use of word walls, flashcards, analyzing the root word, or simply the repetition of writing down the word over and over. Interactive VocAPPulary™ is a simple, yet effective way for students to learn vocabulary on a specific

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