Instapot sushi rice recipe

Make perfect sushi rice at home with this easy Instapot recipe. Learn how to prepare fluffy and sticky sushi rice for your homemade sushi rolls in just a few simple steps.
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Instant Pot sushi rice creates the tasty, flavorful rice you find in sushi bowls and rolls right in your pressure cooker! This perfectly cooked short grain rice will complement any sushi recipe or bowl with its slightly sweet and sour flavor that comes from just the right blend of sugar and vinegar. This recipe will make your homemade sushi drool worthy and restaurant quality so you can enjoy your favorite splurge anytime at home.

Anna Stanhope
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This Instant Pot Sushi Rice recipe is basically foolproof. It comes out perfectly cooked every time in just 20 minutes total. Add sushi rice seasoned vinegar and you're ready to start rolling sushi.

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