Instant pot duo crisp whole chicken

Discover mouthwatering whole chicken recipes that can be easily prepared using the Instant Pot Duo Crisp. Try these flavorful dishes and impress your family and friends with your cooking skills.
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28 min whole rotisserie chicken? Yes! The chicken comes out perfectly tender, juicy + packed with flavor. And it’s SO EASY!

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Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken - The BEST way to make a whole chicken. This pressure cooker whole chicken recipe tastes just like a grocery store rotisserie chicken. This Instant Pot method locks in an intense amount of flavor and juice. Whole Chicken Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker Whole Chicken, Best Whole Chicken Recipe, Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken, Recipes Rotisserie Chicken, Instant Pot Whole Chicken Recipe, Pressure Cooker Recipes Chicken, Whole Chicken Recipe, Crockpot Easy

Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken is a simple and flavorful way to cook a whole chicken using a pressure cooker. The combination of herbs and spices makes the chicken tender and juicy, with a crispy skin that can be achieved by broiling it in the oven for a few minutes. The chicken broth and drippings can be used to make a delicious and easy gravy that pairs well with the chicken. This recipe is perfect for meal prep or a quick and easy dinner.

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This meal of Instant Pot whole roast chicken with herbs and garlic butter and potatoes is made in the 8-quart Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer model using the Pressure Cooking + Roasting functions. We provide instructions for using the regular Instant Pot model together with the oven finish. Chicken And Potatoes Instant Pot, Instant Pot Roast Chicken, Roast Chicken And Potatoes, Pot Roast Chicken, Instant Pot Whole Chicken Recipe, Instant Pot Roast, Pressure Cooker Roast, Garlic Roast, Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Fall in love with our juicy Instant Pot roast chicken and potatoes slathered with garlic-herb butter. Pressure cooked for speed, then roasted using the Air Fryer lid or the oven to golden crispy perfection. Cooking broth and drippings are loaded with flavor and make the best gravy to pair with the finished chicken and potatoes.

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1 whole Fresh Chicken about 3-5 lbs FOR THE OUTSIDE: Mix together Johnnies Seasoning Salt or equivalent like Lowery’s. Mrs Dash Onion and Herb Seasoning. FOR UNDER THE SKIN: Mix together1 1/2 Tbsp Butter,Ghee, or Olive oil. 1/2 Tsp Italian seasoning. 1/2 Tsp crushed Rosemary. 1/4 Tsp Rubbed Sage. 1/8 tsp Onion Powder. *OPTIONAL 1

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How to cook a whole chicken in the instant pot and the best chicken gravy. Instant Pot Whole Chicken is juicy and the fastest way to cook rotisserie chicken

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This Instant Pot Whole Roast Chicken recipe shows how to cook a whole chicken in the pressure cooker. Use Duo Crisp or broil for crispy skin after pressure cooking. Your whole family will love this easy chicken recipe, and it's so much faster than roasting a chicken in the oven!

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