Install can lights

Transform your space with beautiful can lights. Learn how to install can lights in your home with expert tips and create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any room.
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How to Install Recessed Lighting Like a Pro!

Electrical work seems scary for any weekend DIY-er. It's inherently daunting, because it's not a project that many of us know much about or even want to tackle. However, once you learn how to plan

Stacey Gillen
LED Can Light Installation I found a formula for figuring out lighting requirements that was repeated on a number of sites so we decided to go with it. The formula was essentially to take the height of the room (7 ft in our case) and divide it in half. Therefore the lights needed to be placed every 3-1/2 ft apart. We lined both sides of the room so the lights would shine on the work areas, and then a few in the middle of the room to even it out. When I told my hubby we needed 17 lights, he thou Lights For Unfinished Basement Ceiling, Basement Open Ceiling Lighting Ideas, Lights For Basement Ceilings, Led Lights Basement Ceiling, Basement Rafter Lighting, Installing Can Lights Ceilings, Can Lights Basement, Exposed Ceiling Basement Lighting, Led Can Lights Ceilings

Let There Be Lights - Basement Renovation Update - Organizing Homelife

Hi friends! I decided to take a break on the basement renovation updates over the holidays thru January and I’m so glad. It was nice to have a break. You might remember when our basement flooded and my hubby and I decided to gut it and renovate it ourselves. It’s a long process to complete […]

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