Inside mount window treatments

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows with stylish inside mount window treatments. Discover top ideas to achieve a sleek and modern look for your home.
An often overlooked, but critical factor when choosing window treatments is how they will be mounted. The depth of a window frame, obstructions from cranks, locks or alarm sensors, and sliding or French doors all require special consideration and will impact which window coverings will work in your home. Learn more about how to choose between inside or outside mounting for your window treatments. Home, Window Treatments, Home Décor, Windows, Blinds For Windows, Blinds For Windows Living Rooms, Window Coverings, Curtains Inside Window Frame, Inside Mount Window Treatments

Window treatments can be customized to meet your needs, but did you know the depth of your windows may impact your options? Choosing the right mounting position of blinds or shades is often overlooked too early in the decision-making process.

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“That looks easy,” said every homeowner ever. “I don’t need to hire someone to do that.” Hmm, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. If you decide to tackle the project yourself, be careful to avoid these common mistakes: Mistake #1: Not knowing your different window treatment options & lookalikes Roman shades are recognizable by their … Continue reading "Top 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When DIY’ing Roman Shades"

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Hey All. Yes, I took a couple weeks break. Homeschooling ended last week, and it was pretty draining. As are so many things recently. We have some much anticipated *unscheduled* family time coming up, and I’m looking forward to it! How are you all doing? A couple of updates! It’s hard to believe that […]

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