Indoor forts

Transform your living space into a magical hideaway with these creative indoor fort ideas. Discover how to build forts that will provide endless fun for kids and adults alike.
I think we need up things a notch and get onesies to wear in our fort @Louise Cote Davis Bunk Beds, Senior Pranks, Sleepover Fort, Sleepover Room, Slumber Parties, Fun Sleepover Ideas, Kids Bunk Beds, Indoor Forts, Sharing Bed

If you've ever read XKCD, you'll notice that the comic sometimes delves into adults acting like kids, just for the fun of it: I read this strip a few years ago on my husband's birthday, January 10th. He was napping, and when he awoke I was building a blanket fort in our living room. His FAR superior engineering skills (and his grand ambition!) took over, and we created a fort that took up most of our living room and stayed up for about a month. At the time, we were engaged and living in Nova…

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you don't have to be a little kid to enjoy blanket forts! #DIY #FairTrade #TenThousandVillages Ideas, Boho, Dekorasyon, Deko, Party, Jul, Dekoration, Kinder, Modern

Remember how fun it was to build a blanket fort? Think back to the carefree days of childhood and how building a blanket fort in the living room or in your bedroom (or even using the dining room table!) created a magical escape. Just because you’re a grown-up now doesn’t mean you have to let go of childlike fun. In fact, recreating the soothing...

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