In case of emergency

Be prepared for any emergency with these essential tips. Learn how to stay safe and protect your loved ones in case of an emergency. Take action now and be ready for anything.
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14 Must Have’s for Car Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit can help ensure your safety and survival in case of a vehicle breakdown. Here’s a rundown of the necessities you must include to build a reliable car emergency kit. RELATED: Car Emergency Kit Essentials: How To Prep Your Car For A Disaster Car Emergency Kit List | Essential Items You Should […]

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Friday Randomness : Cheddar Shredder - Jasmine Star

As a kid, my mom threw me into every play, stage performance, and musical (never mind I had a voice of Charlie Brown's teacher and I couldn't, like, actually sing). She figured putting her kid in front of people forced me to develop confidence and remain composed under pressure…I'm sure she read that in some […]

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Free Printable Emergency Card Templates [PDF Included]

Health emergencies can happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere, and all of a sudden. It's always best to be prepared in advance. Every second is important in such cases. Keeping a first aid and educating yourself on how to act during a medical emergency are important initial steps. Another important thing is having a health emergency card.

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