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Invincible Comic | IGN: Should we take this as a sign that Invincible might be changing ... Science Fiction, Comic Art, Avengers, Marvel, Marvel Comics, Marvel Spiderman, Marvel Spiderman Art, Amazing Spiderman, Marvel Characters

At today's Cup O' Joe panel, Joe Quesada made an exciting announcement for Robert Kirkman fans. Kirkman's own creation, the superhero Invincible, is going to join forces with Spider-Man in November's Marvel Team-Up #14. This is not an Elseworlds-type tale, but instead a story taking place in Invincible continuity. We caught up with Kirkman before the announcement to discuss the specifics of this unexpected crossover.

Kevin Mitchuson
The Darkness, Jackie Estacado and his darklings. Comics, Marvel, Fantasy Art, Comic Art, Marvel Comics, Comics Artwork, Marvel Art, Comic Artist, Comic Heroes

The Darkness is one of the two primal forces of the universe and is part of the trinity around which the Thirteen Artifacts revolve. He is the equal and opposite of the Angelus, whom he has waged an eternal war with since the creation of the universe. At some point he and the Angelus agreed to a truce, and in so doing so conceived the Witchblade. The Darkness has always taken a male human vessel every generation, usually passing from father to son, killing his previous vessel as his new one…

Guzman Jorge
ArtStation - Invincible the end of all things, Joey Vazquez Fan Art, Fitness, Marvel, Comic Art, Invincible Movie, Invincible Comic, Best Superhero, Comics Universe, Superhero Comic

Here's a Invincible fan art piece with colors done by the amazing Danimation! Super happy with how this piece came out. This is not a real cover btw. Maybe Robert will make it a variant if he likes it. haha That would be awesome. :D Logos and characters copyright of Skybound and Image comics, and were just added for fun. The composition is a homage to a poster from the movie Sicario. :) This piece is dedicated to the amazing team behind invincible! Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan…

James Hale