Ikea kitchen hack kids

Transform your kitchen into a playful and functional space for kids with these creative IKEA hacks. Discover top ideas to inspire your next kitchen makeover.
Organic Modern Green Ikea Play Kitchen DIY Makeover

I have dreamed about having a little play kitchen for the boys ever since I had them and I can't wait to share with you the whole process in the making and how my dream play kitchen became a reality... all for under $250 with toys and accessories! I knew I wanted something organic looking to compliment the natural woods in our home, and I didn't want it looking too feminine since the boys would be the ones playing with it. I also wanted it to have some color and display simple character in a…

Paige Tennant
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Play kitchen Ikea Hack Today’s blog post is something a little different so bear with me… I’ve been trying to find the time to get back into doing more DIY and creative projects (by this I mean giving my husband a job to do). So when Christmas was coming up I ‘had’ to get my […]

Natasha Kuprina
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DIY Boho Functional Ikea Play Kitchen Hack So, I should start off by saying that I've wanted to redo one of these IKEA Duktig play kitchens long before I ever even had a baby to make one for. Last Christmas I had already decided that this Christmas I would make Bekam one because he'd be

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