Ice Wine

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of ice wine, a delightful dessert wine made from frozen grapes. Discover the best ice wine varieties and enhance your taste buds with this luxurious treat.
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One of our friends brought this bottle with him when we met up for a random get together the other night. Ice wine, according to our friend, is made with frozen grapes or something! All I really knew about it was that it costs almost S$100 at the airport so it was pretty expensive. That being said, my friend wanted me to take a picture of the bottle before we opened it. I thought of using my flash gels for this shot to give the background a slightly blue-ish tone. I was hoping that the blue…

Ice wine is one of the few wines you can describe as special, exceptional and even peculiar without hyperbole, because its origins occurred under the most fortuitous... Design, Wines, Fruit, Drinking, Ice Wine, Drink, Wine, Drinks, Ice

Ice wine is a wine that is made from grapes that were allowed to freeze on the vine before they were harvested. Once the grapes freeze, the vineyard harvests them and ferments them as you would with regular wine. There are very few areas that can make ice wine because it requires a certain type of ...

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