Ice dyeing

Discover the art of ice dyeing and learn how to create vibrant and unique patterns on fabric using ice. Explore top techniques and get inspired to try this exciting and creative dyeing method.
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Learning How to Ice Dye {video tutorial}

Discover the art of ice dyeing with our comprehensive guide at Textile Indie. Learn the differences between ice dyeing and tie-dyeing, explore the time required for this unique craft, and get tips on using different dyes, including Rit and Procion. Understand color splitting in dyeing, and find out the best practices for prepping and rinsing your fabric.

Katlyn Kortz
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How Much Dye Powder Should You Use For Ice Dyeing? - Mythic Seam

Have you ever wondered how much dye you should be using when you ice dye? I think crafters often tend to also be thrifty, so the thought of wasted dye is likely as annoying to you as it is to me. But at the same time you don’t want to use too little dye and… Read More »How Much Dye Powder Should You Use For Ice Dyeing?

Laurie Brown
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How to Ice Dye

Make unique tie dye shirts with a watercolor effect! If you have wanted to try ice tie dye, you will surprised at how easy it is! Learn How to Ice Dye and get great results the first time! How to Ice Dye – Easy Tie Dye Tutorial When you think of tie dye, you may...

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