Ice breaker bingo for adults

Break the ice at your next adult gathering with these fun and interactive bingo games. Get to know each other better and create lasting memories with these ice breaker activities.
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If your team is just starting out or even if your group at work needs a little practice with TEAMING, look no further! We have 3 unique and exciting activities that will help you break the ice and develop your team’s communication, collaboration, and creativity: ‍ 1. ICE BREAKER BINGO Duration: 10-20 minutes Group Size: 10-30 players Benefits: Promotes […]

Brianna Whelan
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Coworker Bingo is a great icebreaker game to use at work/during team meetings. Mingle with coworkers and learn fun facts about each other. This listing includes the printable PDF and also an editable template to customize to fit your specific needs! The editable template can be customized using a free Canva account. You can edit text, colors, add pictures, etc. How to play: Participants need to find a person that matches each description and write down their name or initials in the…

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