Hydrolyzed collagen

Discover how hydrolyzed collagen can improve the health of your skin and joints. Try these top ideas to incorporate collagen into your daily routine and start feeling the difference.
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"How much collagen per day" is the fountain of youth's best-kept secret. Our article spills the beans on collagen's age-defying powers. Turn back the clock and indulge in the daily delight of collagen. Craving that youthful zest? Click through to our blog and sip on the secret to eternal youth! #YouthfulSecret #DailyDelight [Learn More]

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SMART COLLAGEN 10g ⁣ ⁣ ANTI-AGING - Hair & Nails⁣ BACKED BY SCIENCE - PATENTED FORMULA⁣ • 30x 10g collatine shot⁣ • Vitamin C⁣ • highest dosage⁣ • 10g hydrolysed collagen⁣ • 91% absorption⁣ • zero sugars⁣ • no sweeteners⁣ • keratine precursors: I-cysteïne & I-methionine⁣ • liver friendly⁣

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COLLAGEN PEPTIDES WITH VITAMIN C: Collagen diminishes with age. Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C helps replenish this vital protein to fight the effects of aging by revitalizing skin, hair, nails, tendons and ligaments HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN PROTEIN: Collagen is the single most abundant protein in the human body. It’s literally the ‘glue’ that binds us together. Our hydrolyzed formula is highly bioavailable which means it is easily and rapidly absorbed in the body BEAUTY BEGINS…

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