Learn how to make salt dough with this easy recipe. Create beautiful crafts and ornaments with your homemade salt dough. Get creative and have fun with this versatile material.
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How to make salt dough - easy salt dough recipe and simple salt dough craft ideas for kids. Read our salt dough hints and tips on colouring salt dough, drying out salt dough, sealing salt dough and storing salt dough. Printable salt dough recipe included

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Salt dough - this will come in handy when I want to make ornaments with my future children. :) Crafts, Diy Crafts, Diy, Fimo, Salt Dough, Salt Dough Handprints, Dough Ornaments, Fun Crafts, Crafts To Do

I thought it was about time we did some salt-dough model making so I dug out the easy-peasy ingredients. I drew a little visual recipe list so that it would be easier for C to understand what we were doing (she loved it!) And we got busy measuring and stirring and mixing and mixing and...Read More »

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An American Housewife: Don't use Salt Dough - Try This Instead! The Best Homemade Christmas Ornament Dough - Pure White and No Salt! Similar to "Magic Modeling Dough" Best Dough For Ornaments, How To Make Salt Dough, Dough Ornaments Recipe, Salt Dough Recipe, White Dough Ornaments, Salt Dough Crafts, Better Than Salt Dough, Sat Dough Ornament Recipe, Dough Ornaments - An American Housewife. Cooking, baking, recipes, product reviews & homemade foods since 2006.

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