Horse shoes

Explore creative horse shoe crafts and decor ideas to add a touch of rustic charm to your space. Get inspired to create unique and stylish pieces using horse shoes.
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"WHEN A HORSE THROWS A SHOE, THE LUCK IS LOST WITH IT. TO BE LUCKY, A HORSESHOE MUST BE WORN BY HORSE UNTIL IT IS REMOVED" Each of our real Lucky Horseshoes has been on the horse's hoof for several weeks and then was carefully removed by the farrier. Horseshoes vary in size, design and character. The shape of the horseshoe indicates the shape of the horse's hoof from which it was removed. Unique wear marks can give clues to the terrain over which the horse traveled and also tell about the…

M Najafi
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Who doesn’t know that a horseshoe is supposed to be lucky and why would you not want a nice piece of good luck? I do wish to have a piece of luck, and I am sure you do too. While you decide to own a price of this good fortune, why not own it in some real swag and vogue? Well! Yes, guess what we have in store for you today? Today we are focusing on that little horseshoe hanging around! Are you thinking how? Instead of just hanging it up all plain and lackluster, why not convert it into a nice…

Hamona Dowell